Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sweet Peas Hybrid AIO Cloth Diaper Review

I recently had the opportunity to test a new diaper being made by a local WAHM in Northern Colorado! Lucky me to live so close to a talented mama! Sweet Peas diapers are created by Julie in her home in Greeley, CO. She's been making her own cloth diapers for her daughter since she was a newborn and she's recently come out with a new design. We're part of the same local cloth diaper support group on when she let us know she had some testers available...I jumped at the opportunity!

About Sweet Peas
Sweet Peas isn't just cloth diapers...although the Sweet Peas diapers are great! Julie also makes reusable nursing pads, burp cloths, adorable leg warmers and carrier covers for car seats. She makes 2 styles of cloth diapers. Her original design is a sized AIO with PUL lining, 3 layers of organic bamboo fleece and minky inner. I haven't tried this one personally...yet...but there's an adorable Irish print I have my eye on. The 2nd is the new design, which I've been testing. It's still an AIO, that's sized, but instead of everything sewn in....the bamboo insert is a tongue style that's sewn into the diaper. It's lined with soft microfleece.

Sweet Peas original AIO and the new Sweet Peas Hybrid AIO design! 
  • Newborn: ~5-10lbs
  • XS: ~6-15lbs
  • Small: ~9.5-20lbs
  • Medium: ~14.5-25lbs
  • Size 1 - fits 5-14 lbs
  • Size 2  - fits 12-24 lbs
  • Size 3 - fits 20-32 lbs
My Review
I've been using this diaper for close to a month now and we love it! It didn't need any special prepping...just a normal wash routing to start using it. We bought the size 2 which fits 12-24 pounds. It has 2 snaps across for the rise and is adjustable to 3 different rise settings. The diaper has an aplix (or hook & loop) closure, with cross-over tabs to ensure a perfect fit around the waist. There are laundry tabs too....that actually work! Most of my aplix diapers have tabs that aren't strong enough to hold the velcro in the wash...these ones stay put!

The tongue style insert is great because, unlike most AIO's, it dries much quicker since the tongue sticks out in the wash and dryer. The top of the tongue insert is sewn into the diaper so you just simple fold it back in after laundering. And since there's a pocket opening, you can even adjust the absorbency....although we haven't had one leak! I've put this diaper on Immie during the day, for nap time, and night time and it's held up wonderfully. It dries just as quickly as my pockets do so it's ready to use quicker than my other AIO's. I personally prefer Velcro tabs over snaps. I just feel like we get the snuggest fit on Immie. She's about 18 pounds and we can still cross over the tabs. I have the rise set to the 2nd rise setting. This is a very trim diaper!

The nice wide Velcro tabs make it easier to grab and the Velcro is super strong and holds great.  The stitching is so precise and wouldn't guess it was handmade either! The seams and stitching is just impeccable. The elastics are nice and snug and nothing escapes them, and they don't leave marks on Immie either which is nice.

Look how trim this is on Immie! I'm loving this diaper! Daddy loves it too because it's easy for him to put on our very squirmy Immie! It's definitely our go to diaper for some of Immie's jeans that don't accommodate cloth diapers well. If you're a fan of hybrid AIO' Bumkins or TotsBots you will definitely love this diaper! I normally don't like to compare brands because I think each has their merits and one diaper doesn't fit all...but I actually prefer this one to the other aforementioned brands because it's so much trimmer! Although I do still love those other brands!

Connect with Sweet Peas on Facebook so you'll know when she's stocking her shop on Hyenacart and stay up to date on new fabrics and other fun things!

Be a Diaper Tester!
Be a tester for Sweet Peas while supplies last! Check out the testers available for purchase and test one out for yourself! How awesome is it to be able to put your two cents into a new product? Right now they're all available for $12 and when you fill out the questionnaire you will receive $5 back! That's an awesome deal...and these diapers are don't miss your chance because the price will go up once the new Hybrid AIO becomes a permanent fixture at Sweet Peas!

Enter for your chance to win a custom Hybrid AIO OS cloth diaper in the Plaid Highlands Tartan print Julie picked out especially for the Luck O' The Irish Birthday Bash Event starting March 14th at 12:01am EST.

I purchased this diaper to test for myself. I was under no obligation to write a review on my blog and all thoughts and opinions expressed here are solely my own. I was not compensated for this review.


  1. The diaper looks like a great fit baby. Nice looking diaper.

  2. Love that you can be a diaper tester! Regarding the diaper, I love the laundry tabs and that it's trim!

  3. Organic bamboo, I have to try these.

  4. I really like inserts like that, they are my favorite. I also think the velcro on this one looks like it would be good quality. Usually I don't like velcro but this one looks pretty good.

  5. Very trim diaper. I wasn't sure about the tongue idea until I saw the picture. That was very helpful. Now I understand and like the idea.

  6. Looks great! Thanks for sharing especially the testers! Wish I needed some more pockets. Hoping LO potty trains soon, so I really only need good night time diapers. Trying to get by with current pocket stash for days right now.

  7. I like this tongue insert. Looks like it would make laundry easier.

  8. I love the idea of being a "diaper tester." Seems like a great, affordable way to try new products

  9. Whoa, that diaper tester thing is a good deal!

  10. Thanks for all the pictures - really helps me see what the diaper is like.

  11. Everything sounds so great about this diaper, but Im nervous about using velcro. Ive just heard too much bad about velcro diapers. :/

  12. I am not normally an AIO girl but I have a few and I like the tongue style insert a lot better then the sewn in kind so that's great. I can't believe how many diaper companies, both big and small, are based here in CO!

  13. This diaper looks great on your little one! I love how you said the laundry tabs actually work.. which is really nice, since I know my husband will prefer aplix over snaps. (We're expecting our first, and I'm super excited to start cloth diapering!)

  14. Wow, I love how trim this is! I usually prefer snaps, but the fit on these is so nice I may have to make an exception.

  15. I love velcro so this would work well for us! The trim seems great too!


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